Extension for Joe Gibbs?

Are you kidding me? What a great way to lower the bar! Let's extend someone who leads a "great effort" team which loses 5 games after being ahead this season. Let's extend someone who calls two time outs back-to-back causing cause a possible win.

Let's extend someone who gives up before even playing New England. The Ravens didn't give up. They played the Patriots like man do - giving them all they had for 60 minutes.

I say we hire Billick now and keep our defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. Other options are Marty ball returning and given a chance to actually build a team.

Please anything but Joe "Great Try" Gibbs.


Joe must go petition.

Please comment on why you want Joe to go and who you would want as the new head coach?


It's time for a time-out!

Today we experienced several additional reasons why Joe should go. Even I know you can't call two time outs in a row without running a play. Please do this team and its fan the honor of getting rid of Gibbs. Let him go focus on racing go-carts or whatever he does. Just stay away from the Redskin training facility.

The team looks worse than it did in pre-season. If you don't agree, you're too blinded by either Joe or nostalgia to see the obvious.

We owed Sean a better attempt than this. It was embarrassing.

What caused our loss today?

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