Another Loss, More Excuses

Six turnovers? How exactly does that happen? It happens to an unmotivated, under-coached and undisciplined team. That how it happens. It's time Snyder picks up the phone and calls Marty Schottenheimer up. Do it now to give Marty time to see what we have to work with.

If we wait until the end of the season, my prediction is that: 1) We will not make the playoffs. 2) We will be at or under .500. 3) Gibbs will leave anyway. 4) We lose next year to rebuilding.

Marty Ball Plan for Snyder:

- Apologize to Marty for the first time around. Marty has a lot to prove as well so it's a win-win.

- Keep the current coaches on board and bring Marty in with a partial staff for transition since it is too difficult to install a new system in the middle of the season.

- Work with Marty and GM to clean up organization of lazy unmotivated players.

- Start draft analysis now during the Bowl season.

Marty led the Redskins to an 8-8 season with Tony Banks as QB. Marty has a lot to prove and wants to leave a positive legacy. It's the right coach for a team that needs a disciplinarian.

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Anonymous said...

Leave Marty, let's get Cower. The team needs major discipline. Cower provides that.

What caused our loss today?

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