Extension for Joe Gibbs?

Are you kidding me? What a great way to lower the bar! Let's extend someone who leads a "great effort" team which loses 5 games after being ahead this season. Let's extend someone who calls two time outs back-to-back causing cause a possible win.

Let's extend someone who gives up before even playing New England. The Ravens didn't give up. They played the Patriots like man do - giving them all they had for 60 minutes.

I say we hire Billick now and keep our defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. Other options are Marty ball returning and given a chance to actually build a team.

Please anything but Joe "Great Try" Gibbs.

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Anonymous said...

this site is a joke. the writers can't even speak proper English... "time outs"..."causing cause"..."like man do"..."given a chance to actually build a team".

Whoever you are, you are a f-ing moron!!!

What caused our loss today?

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