It's time for a time-out!

Today we experienced several additional reasons why Joe should go. Even I know you can't call two time outs in a row without running a play. Please do this team and its fan the honor of getting rid of Gibbs. Let him go focus on racing go-carts or whatever he does. Just stay away from the Redskin training facility.

The team looks worse than it did in pre-season. If you don't agree, you're too blinded by either Joe or nostalgia to see the obvious.

We owed Sean a better attempt than this. It was embarrassing.


coupy1000 said...
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coupy1000 said...

I live in NJ now, but I was born and raised in Washington D.C. and remember the Coach Gibbs of the 80's and early 90's. He wouldn't have made that mistake in RFK stadium! Now granted, Sean Taylor's untimely death has all of us shaken up, but for 3 hours on Sunday you have to be in the game and not be a detriment to your team, especially if your the head coach! Gibbs needs to go, Al Saunders needs to be given his pink slip, and Dan Snyder needs to go find a real G.M.! Rebuild the defensive and offensive lines, get a possession receiver over 6 feet tall, and throw a ton of money at Bill Cowher! I've been a Skins fan for over 30 years now and have never been this frustrated! It's time for a change and it has to start with Dan cleaning house! Now!!!!!

What caused our loss today?

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